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Rental conditions

1. Dragon-VIP company s.c. hereinafter referred as LESSOR, rent a car or a vehicle for individual person or company hereinafter referred to as RENTER under the conditions described below, Renter accepts RENTAL CONDITIONS underlying relationship between the parties in the RENTAL AGREEMENT.

2. Renter or user of the vehicle may be persons holding valid driver’s license in the Republic of Poland (RP). The driving license must be valid and remain so until the end of the lease. All non-European citizens must have an international driving license. At the time of rental Renter must submit ID card or passport and a valid driving license.

3. The right to drive a car of Dragon-VIP company possess Renter and other persons mentioned in the Rental agreement. Additional drivers must have valid driving license in the RP.

4. The car rented to Renter is roadworthy, with no physical defects without any legal defects. It has complete equipment, documentation of the vehicle and a one set of keys. At the time of releasing the car by Lessor Renter is obliged to familiarize themselves with its condition, as described in the Rental agreement which he confirms by his signature. Any comments on the condition of the car should be reported to the issuing at time of the car.
Renter is obligated to return Lessor car in the state in which it has leased, and at the place and date specified in the Rental Agreement. Extension of the rental may be with the consent of Lessor if previously notified by phone or e-mail. When returning the vehicle the Renter is obliged to re-examine the state of the car. After visual inspection of the car by the Lessor the Renter signed the Rental agreement by affirming the status of the returned vehicle. Upon return of the vehicle without the verification of it in the presence of the Renter, as well as the return of the vehicle dirty, Lessor reserves the right to charge the Renter for any damage during the rental without approval signature by the Renter, after detection any damages.

5. No notification for an extension of rental and do not return the car within 24 hours from the end of the rental conditions is treated as an appropriation of the car (an offense under art.284 of the Criminal Code) and is reported to the Police. In the case of a declaration of appropriation of the Police vehicle Renter will be required to pay a penalty in the amount specified in the Rental Conditions of Car Rental Car Dragon-VIP s.c.

6. One day of rental lasts 24 hours from the time of signing the rental agreement. Extension of rental for over one hour is results in a double burden on the daily rental rate.

7. The cost of fuel is not included in the price of rental. The vehicle is issued with a full tank of fuel. In case of returning the rented vehicle without a full tank of fuel the Lessor charges the Renter for refuelling the vehicle + operating costs of 35%.

8. Dragon-VIP company s.c. reserves the right to refuse to rent a vehicle without giving a reason, even if the prospective Renter meets and accepts all requirements and procedures for renting a vehicle in the company Dragon-VIP s.c.

9. Leaving the keys and documents, for example at reception, does not cause the end of the rental agreement. Renter’s responsibility for the rented vehicle expires at the time of collection documents and keys of the vehicle and checking the vehicle by an employee of Dragon-VIP s.c. after opening an Lessor office. Completion of the rental agreement takes place after recovering keys and vehicle documents, checking the car and enter the date and time of return. The date and time of return shall be the date and time of opening Dragon-VIPs.c. office the next day after return. A vehicle is returned beyond the office of Dragon-VIP s.c. may take place after prior approval of Lessor.

10. Office working hours of Dragon-VIP s.c. MON-FRI 9:00-17:00, SAT 9:00-14:00. Rental or return the rented vehicle after office working hours – additional cost 50.00 PLN.

11. In the event of a breach or suspected breach of any points on the Rental Conditions or Rental Agreement by the RENTER the Rental Agreement is automatically terminated by the LESSOR without cause immediately. For any violation or breach of the Rental Agreement the RENTER is responsible.

12. Prohibitions for the Renter: strictly non-smoking cigarettes, carrying passengers or goods in the form of sublease, animal transport (except pets without prior written consent from the Lessor), to start or towing another vehicle, misuse of such as rallies, races, professions, against the laws, customs and road regulations by rented vehicle.

13. The rented vehicle can not be used if the tenant or the other driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Renter is prohibited to enter the country outside the board of European Union without the knowledge and consent of the Lessor. Leaving Polish borders by the rented vehicle must be notified each time to Lessor. Departure of the rented vehicle outside the European Union must be confirmed in writing by LESSOR.

14. Renter agrees to supplement the appropriate type of full for the type of vehicle.

15. The Lessor collects the amount for the rental before hand over vehicle. The fee is determined at the commencement of the rental. Payment is made via credit card, bank transfer or cash (with the consent of the Lessor). Renter is obliging to have and produce a credit card. All fees are quoted in PLN. Other payment terms may be established individually between the Lessor and the Renter.

16. At the time of rental an employee Dragon-VIP s.c. performs pre-authorization the amount under the security for the payment of rental.

17. Pre-authorization deposit is unlocked on customer’s credit card within 7-14 days, depending on the internal bank regulations of the credit card owner.

18. Renter is obliged to pay any mandates or other penalties resulting from infringement of the rights and fees associated with the current use (parking charges, charges roads). The Lessor is not liable to third parties for any claims resulting from damage caused by the Renter or person using of the vehicle during the rental period.

19. In the case of early return of a car with the Renter fault The Lessor gets 50% of the daily rental rate for the unused period of a vehicle rental in accordance with the Rental Agreement which was concluded between the Lessor and Renter.

20. Renter is responsible for all crimes, which occurred during the rental, and which are related to the use of the rented vehicle, because the Renter was the owner of the rented vehicle. Renter agrees that Dragon-VIP s.c. make available to the police or other authorized bodies personal data of the Renter.

21. During a vehicle usage the Renter is obliged to use a standards servicing of vehicle, or alternatively check coolant level, washer and motor oil. Control efficiency lights and possible replacement bulbs at the expense of Renter.

22. When parking the vehicle, even for a short while the Renter is obliged to use all the security and not to leave keys and documents in a rented vehicle. If the result of the loss of keys or documents Lessor or third party damage is, the Renter must cover the full loss suffered by the Lessor, or third party.

23. When the rented car has been damaged, stolen or lost, the whole or it part, with fault of the Renter or the fault of a third party, the Renter will be responsible for the actual repair cost up to the value of the car, as well as:
a. to pay Lessor the amount of all losses incurred by the particular Lessor expenses associated with the recovery or repair vehicle, or pay the equivalent of the vehicle.
b. cover damage resulting from the loss value of the rented vehicle.
c. to pay a Lessor the equivalent of the loss of rental receipts, including the ratio of days in which the Lessor was prevented from using the car as part of the activities and the daily rate for renting a vehicle.
d. these obligations borne by the Renter when he or another person driving a car or vehicle violates the rental conditions, laws, customs laws or conditions of insurance.

24. If Renter will lose keys from the vehicle or the vehicle documents he will be charged an additional fee.

25. In the event of an accident or theft or damage to the vehicle in any way Renter or any other person driving the rented vehicle must immediately call the police to the s.c.ene and the Renter should demand from the Police accident protocol. Renter should inform the Lessor of any damage or theft of the vehicle. Renter in any event can not accept claims of the other party. In case of damage or theft of a vehicle rental agreement will be completed on delivering the report on the accident or theft of the rented vehicle according to the date shown on the police report. The Renter is obliged to assist the Lessor and / or his insurance company on all claims, or litigation related to the accident, damage or theft, in particular:
a. provide a completed application form and confirmed report from accident.
b. provide full details of participants and witnesses, and a detailed des.c.ription of the accident.
c. leaving the car without a care or protection.
d. in the event of an accident or injury was caused by a third party – to take the necessary steps to determine the perpetrators and securing evidence that may help to determine the perpetrator of the damage.

26. In the event of a breach by the Renter of any of these records Renter takes unlimited liability for damage caused to a third party or Lessor.

27. Dragon-VIP s.c. company provides insurance valid in the Commonwealth. Civil liability insurance policy (OC) has only to those who use the vehicle with the consent of Lessor. Proof of insurance is included in the documents of rented vehicle.

28. In case of technical failure of the vehicle the Renter is obliged to secure the vehicle and notify the Lessor for the technical condition and the location of a vehicle. Renter is not authorized to make any repairs or alterations of the vehicle without prior notification and consent of the Lessor.

29. Renter assumes full responsibility for the damage which has committed to the Lessor or a third party in the case:
a. purposely acts or carelessness.
b. damages to the exterior, the interior of the rented vehicle, tires, hubcaps, mirrors, wipers, windows, wheels, etc.
c. keys are lost or documents of the vehicle (PENALTY 500,00PLN), loss of or damage to additional equipment such as GPS navigation, child seats etc.
d. driving while under the influence of alcohol or under the influence of drugs or other intoxicating substances without a valid driving license.
e. failure to reimburse the keys and the registration certificate after car theft (PENALTY 2000,00PLN).
f. flee the scene of an accident.
g. refuse to compensate the Lessor by the insurer caused by Renter (PENALTY 5000,00PLN).
h. smoking in a rented vehicle (PENALTY 500,00PLN). Failure to return the roadmap (PENALTY 50,00PLN per map).
i. rented vehicle is stationary due to supplement the cause of the above things, or the fault of the Renter.
j. dismantling of equipment to make a car or other alteration or amendment without the consent of the Lessor.
k. missing parts of equipment in the vehicle not listed in the price list of fees according to the manufacturer’s price list + margin 35%.
l. invalidate the warranty on the vehicle caused by Renter (PENALTY 5000,00PLN).
m. car sharing among individuals not mentioned in the Rental Agreement (PENALTY 2000,00PLN).
n. Police Report misappropriation of the vehicle by the Renter (PENALTY 5000.00 PLN).

30. Rental agreement is the law of Polish law. Any dispute which may arise in connection with the Rental Agreement shall be settled by the court competent for the seat Lessor.

31. Renter declares that authorizes Lessor to issue VAT invoice without signature. It states that are known to him Rental Conditions and the scope of its potential liability for damage by making the signature on the Rental Agreement. Accept them and confirm that details which Renter presented on Rental Agreement are true.

32. Renter declares that it agrees to the automatic processing of personal data provided Lessor and agrees to their treatment under the Act of 29.08.1997 (Dz.U.Nr 133 poz.: 883) for marketing purposes. Renter declares that he has been informed of the absence of a statutory obligation to provide personal data and the right to inspect their personal data.